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Afforestation Drive at Kavundampalayam Railways site with the support of GE Oil & Gas

  • 22 Sep 2014
  • Pasumai Panchayat Project

Yet again a green initiative! An afforestation drive began on 11 acres of land belonging to the Railways in Kavundampalayam with the support and partnership of GE Oil & Gas as part of their CSR initiative. The enthusiasm of the local ward councilor and the residents were encouraging!

The 11 acres of land have been cleared for planting saplings. Approximately 6000 saplings will be planted before the 1st week of October with drip irrigation system. It will be a green haven for the local community and also a small compensation for the trees that we lost in Mettupalayam Road. “Miyawaki” method of planting will also be implemented in the site in order to create a dense forest which will certainly increase the bio-diversity.


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