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Awareness Programme for Children

  • 14 Jun 2014
  • Sittukkaludan Siruthuli

Sittukaludan Siruthuli – 13th June 2014

The Siruthuli office was filled with excitement and eagerness as fun filled activities were planned for the children. First, Ms. Geetha Sridhar introduced a new game called “Web of life” through which the importance of every living creature on this universe was taught to them. Through an encouraging video, Ms. Chitra Krishnaswamy explained the process of composting and terrace gardening.

A fun session with Ms.Sangeetha and Ms. Sujani Balu followed, in which children learnt to make bags and aprons out of old dupattas and pillow covers. And at the end of the session, Mr. Manion explained to the children about the rising sea level and importance of water conservation.


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