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  • 07 Sep 2013
  • Garbage to Green Project

A new green programme “Garbage to Green” has been initiated at Siruthuli. Nearly two million people, dump tones of their kitchen waste into the garbage every day which results in loading heaps of garbage dumps at Vellalore preventing the people around to follow a hygienic life style.

The ‘Garbage to Green’ programme launched by Siruthuli would result in using the wet waste to produce compost which will not only reduce the quantity of garbage being dumped, but will also help in harvesting vegetables from our own garden. Therefore, waste no longer lingers and continues to pollute the environment.

Further more, the idea of extending and executing the plan in all schools is at full stretch. Special awareness programmes are conducted by Siruthuli and its team members, incorporating the concept themselves to grow roof top vegetable gardens in their own dwellings. Eventually awareness on segregating biodegradable and non- biodegradable will also be spread.

The freshness and the aroma of these home grown vegetable are sure to pinch every heart.


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