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Identification of Noyyal Streams

  • 07 Dec 2009

Topographical survey for mapping the rivulets and streams originating from the Western Ghats to the Noyyal River has been initiated. It is said that there were 34 rivulets flowing as a part of the Noyyal in the past whereas only 4 streams are alive and flow upto River Noyyal presently. The survey states that most of the rivulets are either encroached or the water has been diverted for farming purpose. This in turn instigates the wild animals to enter into the nearby village in search of food and water. Rejuvenation of the rivulets is critical to sustain river Noyyal for the future. The survey also shows how we the society have been the sole cause for the depletion of a river that once seemed perennial. Instead of enjoying the benefits we are now searching for the lost streams.


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