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Kulam Kaappom – Karseva at Periakulam

  • 07 Dec 2013
  • Public Awareness

Only when the citizens take collective ownership of any natural resource, sustainability can be ensured and this thought paved way to create a platform for the citizens of Coimbatore to come forward and to strengthen their bond with Periyakulam. “Thoor Vaarum Gnayiru” was being organized every Sunday morning 07.00-09.00AM at Periyakulam where the citizens can come inside Periakulam and help to create islands in the tank bed by removing atleast one handful of silt, so that migratory birds can come in large numbers and roost in.

The campaign started on 19th May 2013 and around 800 people gathered to do their bit to make a green difference. On the second Sunday ( 26th of May), more than a 1000 people walked in and cine actor Padma Shri Vivekh also joined to do the karseva to boost the spirits of Coimbatoreans. On 02nd June, almost 3000 people flocked inside Ukkadam Periyakulam.

Sunday, the 9th of June, witnessed an extra special event with the celebration of 2 important events – the World Environment Day and the 10th Anniversary of Siruthuli. More than 10,000 Coimbatoreans came, pledging solidarity to this noble cause. From the young to the old, from a student to a retired, from a soldier to a Sadhu, from a child to a grandparent, from the bureaucracy to the common man – everyone was there with us just so that we can save our water bodies and thereby ourselves and our future generations. People forgot all differences among themselves and came together for a green cause.

The tank, located in the heart of the city and spread over 320 acres, will store more than adequate rain water to recharge the ground water levels. The severe water scarcity situation in Kovai will get eased as the ground water levels are raised. This people-centered model of development is a unique one which can be replicated by people round the globe. Only when we take responsibility to ‘give back’ whatever we take from Mother Nature, can there be sustainability; and Coimbatoreans have set a new green trend in this line.


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