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Mass Afforestation Drive at AG Pudur – Coimbatore

  • 28 Jan 2014
  • Pasumai Panchayat Project

A massive afforestation drive took place after the planting of about 1000 trees at AG Pudur. 2.5 acres of land which was used as nothing but a garbage yard was handed over to Siruthuli for planting trees and to revive the green environment of the place. M/s Robert Bosch and the Panchayat administration joined hands with Siruthuli for the implementation of the project. Employees from M/s Robert Bosch and School students form all over the city made the event a big hit with their participation. It was only a matter of hours before the process of planting was complete. Native variety trees like veembu, pungan , vaagai, Arasa maram, Sarakondarai etc were planted in the site.

This afforestation drive will become a viable solution for many human needs and will aim at restoring the ecological balance of our city.


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