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Mottukkaludan Siruthuli

  • 12 Dec 2014
  • Sittukkaludan Siruthuli

On 11th December 2014, a special session for the young volunteers from various environmental associations of the City was organized by Siruthuli. The session named “Mottukkaludan Siruthuli” was attended by Volunteers in good numbers along with the Trustees and its Apex members. It was overwhelming to see the transformation among the students on the love and care they have on the Environment. Students who were the participants of our various awareness programmes over the past 11 years have now pledged to carry the mantle forward. It was a great pride for Siruthuli and its members to witness the change in the young minds in this short span of time.

Our dream of having a Clean & Green Kovai is not too far, when the minds of these youngsters packed with energy, enthusiasm and having the sense of “giving back to nature” is seen. The service of these young people who are working for a noble cause is highly appreciable.

Smt Vanitha Mohan, Managing Trustee while addressing the gathering had no words to express her bliss. She described that 11 years back while Siruthuli was born, there were only 7 people in a very small cabin thinking about bringing a change with nothing but only HOPE – a hope to bring back the glory of Coimbatore and that HOPE is now grown into a huge tree bringing in hundreds of volunteers representing thousands of people in the City – to work towards the much needed change.

She also insisted on segregation of waste at our homes and taken a pledge from the members present for zero waste in our surroundings. “Let us follow the words of the father of our nation Shri Mahatma Gandhiji “Be the change you wish to see in this world” – She said.

It is the responsibility of each of us to make the best use of our time to create a happier environment. So let us all be the change that we want to see in this beautiful world.


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