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Nadhikarai Naagarigam

  • 15 Feb 2008
  • Public Awareness

In our rat race called life, our rich cultural heritage is fast becoming a fleeting memory. This need to keep our vast heritage intact is what prompted us at Siruthuli to conceptualize and create an event titled Nadhikarai Nagareekangal, so that the subject is sensitized, and an awareness is created.

The first day of this three-day event is set exclusively for children with the other two being open to the everyone. Cultural programs were conducted in the evening comprising of an assorted set of programs such as dances, puppet shows, quiz programmes etc.

The ambience of rustic old India is created in a tableau of 30 settings, ranging from ten River Valley Civilizations to traditional education, medicine, housing, agriculture, trade, food, dress, games, festivals etc.

With the public and more than 29 schools participating, a glimpse of India before 1947 was portrayed.

By organizing the Nadhikarai Nagareegam school event, Siruthuli helped to savour and reconnect to the unhurried and unpolluted past of India.


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