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Noyyal Yatra

  • 02 Oct 2005
  • Public Awareness

Restoration of river Noyyal is an ambitious endeavor taken up by Siruthuli to reclaim the abundance of nature and water which once thrived our land. Siruthuli aims to trace the river Noyyal and rejuvenate it’s original path.

The father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi conducted the Dandi Yatra 75 years ago to free our country from foreign rule and now, the yatra is conducted to free us from environmental degradation.

Siruthuli took to the task and went on to create a landmark procession for the restoration of river. The yathra involved thousands of volunteers from schools, colleges, various groups and organizations, which consequently made people from all walks of life to come together for the sole purpose of saving Mother River Noyyal, the life line of the Kongu region. The Noyyal Yatra took its first step at Kooduthurai and went up to Singanallur where the River Noyyal crosses the city limit.

Through the participation of thepublic and media in this historical event, an awareness was created and the river Noyyal regained its glory. Through these actions the river will continue to bless us with bounty and prosperity in all the years to come.


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