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Noyyalukku Nooru

  • 14 Jul 2006
  • Public Awareness

Noyyalukku Nooru is a project initiated by Siruthuli to restore the River Noyyal – the lifeline of Coimbatoreans. The campaign was inaugurated by cine star Surya, who offered his continuous support to the movement in the years to come. Noyyalukku Nooru is an endeavor through which Siruthuli hopes to rejuvenate and recreate Mother Noyyal. Today, the Noyyal has been reduced to a sewage dump and carries more toxic effluent wastes than it possibly can.

Through Noyyalukku Nooru, Siruthuli appeals not only to all citizens of Coimbatore, but to the rest of the world to support the cause by contributing of Rs 100 for the rejuvenation of the river. The organization looks at it as an opportunity to give back to Mother Nature, a small portion of what we have received from it.

This is an earnest appeal from Siruthuli to citizens of Coimbatore to participate in this project by buying a Noyyalukku Nooru coupon from NSS and NCC students volunteered who steeped door to door in spreading the news about River Noyyal.


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