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Perur Padithurai

  • 18 Aug 2009
  • Desilting Tanks

A few meters from the Perur temple is Padithurai, the historic location where thousands of people throng every year to thank the God Varuna for the bountiful monsoon and to pay homage to their loved ones who have attained the lotus feet of the Lord. Perur Padithurai is the place where people flock to pay homage to their ancestors. Pilgrims come from faraway places to pay homage to their ancestors. Padithurai is situated on the Southern bank of River Noyyal and is about 200 meters North from the Perur Temple. For the convenience of pilgrims, the river that was once flowing 500 meters North from the temple, was diverted to flow through this place.

Due to absolute negleance and blatent ,ismanagement the river bed is all barren and has been made shallow with accumulation of silt. The Padithurai, a very pious location, is today laden with solid waste and sewage water, being dumped by the neighboring people and the pilgrims. Lack of toilet facilities demands the pilgrims and visitors to use the river banks for nature’s call and this thoroughly unhygienic practice has wiped out the sanctity of this historic place.

Siruthuli had taken up the initiative to desilt the tank and bring back the mother river for the pilgrims.


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