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Puppet show in Sittukkaludan Siruthuli

  • 05 Dec 2014
  • Sittukkaludan Siruthuli

On the occasion of Children’s day, a special session was introduced in our version of Sittukkaludan Siruthuli. A puppet show was performed by Ms Swarna Latha and her team from Swarga foundation on the topic “KIDS SAFETY” to protect themselves. Thanks to Ms Swarna Latha, for introducing a new version in our Sittukkaludan Siruthuli session . Later, the puppet shows are being performed on topics relevant to the subject handled at Sittukkaludan Siruthuli. The puppet show performed by Ms. Swarnalatha not only entertains the students by giving a break in midst of conversation, but also conveys the relevant message of nature conservation through humor and wit.


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