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Treatment of sewage waters in Vellalore

  • 07 Dec 2006
  • Solid Waste Management

Treatment of sewage waters in Vellalore lagoons using EM technology

Increase in population and the rapid changes in living style resulted in huge rise over the sewage volume within Coimbatore city. It is reported that about 100 MLD of sewage water is being disposed every day in Coimbatore. Of which, 30% of this quantity comes through Underground Drainage System (UGD) alone. These waters are pumped from two pumping stations and the same gets into four lagoons in Vellalore garbage yard. These huge quantities of sewage lead to massive mosquito breeding, bad odors, flies and other insects which in turn spreading diseases to the residents and school children of that area.

In order to give a relief to the local residents near Vellalore garbage yard, Siruthuli studied the entire problems with the environmentalists and implemented the following sewage water treatment method using EM technology.

Why EM technology?

There are millions of microbes on this earth. Most of which are merely helpful and beneficial to human beings. EM is nothing but Effective Micro-organisms that detoxifies contaminated water to a greater extent. Since sewage is nothing but contaminated water, the same EM solution can be applied to remove its menaces.

EM treatment of sewage in Lagoons at Vellalore garbage yard

There are 4 lagoons at Vellalore garbage yard with full of untreated sewage water. Those waters are pumped from the 2 pumping stations at Nanjundapuram and Ukkadam.

Each lagoon is of size 200 m length, 100 m width and 4 m depth accommodating 80,000 cum or 8,00,00,000 liters or 80 ML. Together these 4 lagoons hold 32,00,00,000 liters or 320 ML.

Results achieved

The process of using EM solution controlled the stinking smell around these sewage water lagoons. Flies and mosquitoes were suppressed to a greater extent. Application of EM solution resulted in the reduction of COD, BOD, TSS, total and fecal coliforms. Finally, these lagoon waters after treatment are being used for raising lawns in Coimbatore Golf Club and also used for raising fodders.


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srinivasan shankar

a treatment done in 2006 and results measured and published.
is there any current information available.
is the treatment economical and what is the current cost of treatment