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Inspiring speeches, mind-widening presentations, interactive workshops, practical hands-on trainings, energy-loaded bus drives, impressive field visits, delicious food, environmental games and highly motivated students made this year’s Nurture Nature Camp unforgettable and memorable.

With the help of many volunteers and staff always caring for everything in the background, we could implement the intensive camp program as its best. We thank all the experts who gave the students exciting insights into effective ways of water and waste management, importance of birds and wildlife and tips to create awareness yourself so that every participant will have a huge impact on their surroundings. Practical sessions on recycling, composting, farming, etc. empowered the students to live and support an Eco-conscious lifestyle.

We especially thank all the teachers and their students. The young minds redefined “participating” into passionately involving in all the activities and directly translating the green message into action. All of us know: Every one of these young Eco-activists will transform Coimbatore – India – the world – as far as possible into a city – country – planet – of flourishing nature and engaged citizens.




Siruthuli works with various stakeholders of the society to find solutions for the various environmental issues facing the city. From these solutions, Case studies and role models are created to enable best practices sharing amongst the population and thus fueling the reconnect with nature.




Community based activities including tree planting, desilting of lakes, awareness rallies, shram daan, cleaning streets etc have enabled Siruthuli to be a true People’s movement.

It has also enabled improving communal harmony too.




Multi – faceted awareness campaigns help Siruthuli reach out to more citizens thus bringing sustainable change.

Various activities including training sessions for children, nature camps, public events are conducted regularly to sensitize the local populace